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Joseph + Rebecca || Parkersburg, WV Wedding || WV Wedding Photography

Joseph and Rebecca got married last month! We are happy to finally get to share some of our favorite photos and memories from their big day here with you.

Our top 3 favorite things:

  1. The Church. Sometimes as photographers when you hear Catholic Church wedding, you cringe as you think of dark wood and red carpet, it is an involuntary cringe, but you do it nonetheless. We were so stunned and surprised by how light and bright the church was, and it made for some stunning photos.

  2. The Florals. Even though they got married in Parkersburg, Rebecca wanted a little some things from her home state of Kentucky, and the florals were one of the ways she hit that mark. Having them ordered and shipped, they were the perfect way to have a touch of home close to her during the ceremony.

  3. The Sword. Yep, you read that right. At the reception, the couple was gifted a sword, as is Joseph’s cultural tradition. During the reception, it was used multiple times from cake cutting to dancing. It was really an amazing event to watch and we are so glad we got to capture it.

XOX - Summer

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