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Megan & Josh || Parkersburg, WV Wedding || WV Wedding Photography

There are times when you get along with a couple so well and you have worked with them on many sessions leading up to their wedding that when the wedding day comes you are happy for the couple, but sad to see the time go. Megan and Josh are one of those couples for us. We have loved working with them over the past two years. Their fun-loving, light-hearted personalities are infectious. We always have a great time with them, and their wedding this past September was no exception.    

Here are our top five favorite things about Megan and Josh's wedding day. 

1. The Cake Smash. Megan and Josh had their guests decide who got cake smashed in their face during the cake cutting by donating money into marked jars. The best part, all proceeds were donated to charity; $400 was raised and donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

2. The Bride's and Bridesmaid's Shoes. You know we say it every time it happens. It makes our heart happy. We can't get enough. Y'all, the ladies wore Kate Spade Keds. And not just for the reception, they wore them the entire wedding, even the bride. Comfy and Stylish for the win!

3. The First Look. All first looks are our favorite and if you are planning your wedding you may want to consider this option. This first look was filled with anticipation, laughter, tears, joy, and so much more. The energy coming from the couple who just wanted to turn around and see each other was great. 

4. The Wedding Party. This group of friends is very close nit and we were honored to be allowed to be a part of it for Megan and Josh's special day. It came as no surprise to us that the wedding party was fantastic. Not only have we worked with many members of the bridal party before, but this couple would of course be surrounded by amazing people. This group, the guys and girls, were so supportive of the wedding couple, fun to be around, and lite up the dance floor at the end of the night. 

5. The Bridal Party Entrance. We love a good entrance into the reception and this bridal party nailed it. From airplane landings to finger guns this wedding party pulled out all the stops as they danced their way into the reception. And to top it off, the bride came in on the groom’s back with flowers in the air. We love the playfulness of this group!

Megan and Josh, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day and capturing your memories that we are sure you will cherish forever. We wish you all the best and hope you have all the years of happiness that a lifetime brings. 


Christie and Summer 

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